Base class for all DataTrue resource types

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contextType: string = "account"
jobID?: string
name: string
options: SuiteOptions = ...
childTypes: readonly string[] = ...
resourceType: string = "suite"
resourceTypeRun: string = "Suite"


  • Parameters

    • test: Test
    • index: number = ...

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Run the resource in DataTrue


    • emailUsers: number[] = []

      an array of user IDs to whom the test results should be sent

    • variables: Record<string, string> = {}

      variables to set for the test run

    Returns Promise<string>

    Promise of the jobID

  • Set options from the passed options object


    • options: SuiteOptions

      the object to set options from

    • override: boolean = false

      whether to override the options object

    Returns void

  • Convert the resource to an Object

    Returns Promise<Record<string, any>>

    object representation of the resource

  • Create a resource from an object


    • obj: Record<string, any>

      object to create resource from

    • copy: boolean = false

      whether to create a copy of the resource or not (removes resource IDs)

    Returns Suite

    new Resource